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You're Awesome!

Keetra Dean Dixon challenged our graduate cohort to experiment with unusual physical objects (mine: berries) as a method of creating new forms of digital assets. Then, we swapped those assets and used them to create "Thank You" presents to our fellow cohort. Above are paper airplane "Thank you" kits gifted to Young Sun Compton, Jason Gottlieb and Brian Pelsoh in exchange for their awesome contributions to this project.


MFA thesis project completed in 2013 for the Maryland Institute College of Art. Companion is a visual exploration into the ties that bind humans with their canine counterparts. The project was exhibited in the Decker Gallery from March 29th - April 14th.

Visit the MFA thesis site for a more detailed catalogue of work for this project.

Greenmount West + Stormwater

A team of MICA students collaborated with the New Greenmount West Community Association to find creative ways to reduce stormwater pollution through community-based educational endeavors. Executions included painted storm drains, community events, easily reproduceable printed materials and play-based learning games.

Project done in collaboration with Kimberly Gim, Kacie Mills, and Colin Dunn, under the guidance of Kyla Fullenwider. Special thanks to community organizer Priya Bayhana, Lauren Poor of Blue Water Baltimore, and the residents of Greenmount West for their knowledge, enthusiasm and hospitality.


Various prints created using screenprinting and letterpress techniques. Letterpress was printed on a Vandercook #4 using wood type from the Globe Poster Co. collection.

Please & Thanks

The cool guys from Post Typography asked their students to create an originally lettered alphabet and then implement that alphabet in a new way. As a nod to my pre-graduate school career as a packaging designer, Please & Thanks was created so the letterforms could be transformed into dielines that could then be assembled into paper containers. Each letter is made entirely from one piece of continious paper.

Littlest Pet Shop

Small sampling of packaging created for the Littlest Pet Shop brand of toys, a product of Hasbro, Inc. LPS is a brand of small vinyl animal toys geared towards girls ages 6-9, with an emphasis on collectability.

Book in a Day / Workshop

Natasha Jen led our group in a whirlwind weekend workshop to create a book as a physical mass, less concerned with written, polished content and more with an overall conveyance of a story of our choosing. I chose to loosley illustrate the story of the television show LOST.

Design Now Fall MFA Show

Each fall, MICA's Graphic Design MFA program mounts its own show as both a retrospective and a glimpse into the work of its candidates. Together with Young Sun Compton, Javier Lopez and Brian Pelsoh, we created an immersive viewing experience that displayed our program's rich exploration of different forms of design, including zines/publications, product design, processing, participatory projects and traditional printing methods.

Nostalgia Participatory Map

In another project, Keetra Dean Dixon asked us to meticulously examine and then relinquish control of our design process by including our cohort in key steps our project. We assigned simple parameters and then sat back to watch what was created, the results of which were made into a finished piece of work. In keeping with my interest in sentimentality, I asked my cohort to recall a journey that made them feel nostalgic, and chart it on a wall. The results were then compiled into a large scale map of our collective journeys.

DIY Night / Student Development

As part of my two year graduate assistanship with MICA's Office of Residence Life, I organized major on-campus events for our foundation year students. DIY Night is an annual large scale event that brings together new students during orientation week in a low-key, creative atmosphere where the goal is for students to meet, mingle, and relax. My role was to plan the event, reserve spaces, budget and purchase supplies, and coordinate a staff of 20 residential advisors to facilitate the program. Event was annually attended by approximately 350 students.


I'm Sarah! I'm a graphic designer and photographer originally from Kentucky.

I am mostly interested in the role that design has in bettering the experience of an individual or community, but you can also find a common thread of storytelling in most of my work. My diverse experience ranges from retail package design for a multi-million dollar toy company to socially-oriented and community-based design projects working with children and adults.

I just received my MFA in Graphic Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art ('13) and previously earned my BFA in Graphic Design with a minor in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design ('08).

Because I believe in the importance of interdisciplinary practice, my other interests include photography, printmaking, community engagement, mentorship and higher-ed student development. I'm also an enthusiast of dogs, bungalows and honey.

You can usually find me hanging out with my pup, banging my head at music shows or hopping in my car for spontaneous adventures.


I'd really like to hear from you! I'm currently residing in one of the following cities:

Louisville, Kentucky / Providence, Rhode Island / Baltimore, Maryland.

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Resume available upon request.